Different wedding photography styles, and how to choose!

February 12, 2017

Choosing a style of wedding photography for your special day is comparable to choosing your colour palette or venue, it is a huge decision that will greatly influence the final result of your photo album! Here are a few styles that different wedding photographers offer.




1) Fine Art


The fine art style incorporates a classic, traditional style of wedding photography, with pale pastel colours, blurry backgrounds and soft highlights and shadows. Colours used in fine art wedding photography are not vibrant, most of a fine art wedding photographers palette consists of delicate, soft-hued colours.


The blurry background in fine art wedding photography is used to create the aura of a dreamy surrounding. You will often see blurry blobs of circular light known as "Bokeh" in fine art wedding photography, which is generally considered to be aesthetically pleasing and less distracting than in-focus backgrounds.




2) Vibrant / Dramatic


In vibrant style wedding photography, colours are enhanced to create an almost cartoon-like aesthetic to each image. The emphasis on this style of photography is to create strong, bright and colourful images with deep contrast and dynamic tones.


Vibrant and dramatic style wedding photographers tend not to use pastel colour tones that are seen in fine art wedding photography, and blurry backgrounds are used less often in this style as well. Creating vibrant-style wedding images can often require a photographer to use their own lighting equipment, particularly outside during harsh lighting conditions.




3) Candid


Candid photography is all about capturing moments throughout the day in a documentary style. The clients and audience are not told where to stand or how to pose, the photographer captures natural moments without interfering with his or her subjects.


The beautiful thing about candid photography is that the moments that are captured are completely natural and genuine, as most of the time the subjects are unaware that they are being photographed! If you want your wedding album to be filled with images that are as natural looking as possible, a candid wedding photographer may be right for you.





4) Artistic


There are many definitions and versions of artistic wedding photography, as it is a blanket term for a number of different alternative wedding photography styles. This style relies on a lot of direction from the photographer in terms of posing from the clients and lighting manipulation.


In my opinion, artistic-style photography when executed correctly by an experienced photographer, can produce some of the most breathtaking and stunning wedding images out of any styles on this list. 


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